Vision & Core Values


To be a recognized industry leader, providing the highest level of workmanship and customer service to our discerning clients throughout Central Maryland.

Core Values


Teach​ – Consistently coach and train
Encourage​ – Build up one another
Accountability​ – Hold ourselves and others to the highest standards
Motivate​ – Constantly push each other to grow


Communicate​ – Effectively share thoughts and ideas
Attitude​ – Remain positive in all situations
Respect​ – Treat our clients’ properties as we would our own
Empathy​ – View situations from someone else’s perspective


Goals​ – Live in the vision of the company daily
Reinvest ​- Put back resources for equipment, processes and people
Opportunity​ – Provide tools and resources for continued development
Win​ – Successfully live out all core values to become leaders in our industry at every level

“Embracing and living in the Edward’s culture will ensure that our entire team shares in our foundational values, integrity and vision of what this company stands for, where the company came from, where we currently reside, and most importantly, where we are going in the future.”
Kyle Davis, President