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Lawn Rejuvenations & Grading

Edward’s Lawn & Home is the best source for professional lawn rejuvenations and grading services. We use our expertise to revitalize sparse, thinning, or weed-filled lawns and enhance the curb appeal of your home. Our crew of lawn technicians and landscaping consultants work together with strict attention to detail to bring your lawn back to life and guarantee lasting results. Ready to learn more about the benefits of lawn maintenance? Contact us today!

The Rejuvenation Process

There are many distinct methods for a successful lawn rejuvenation, and our approach depends on the severity of your lawn. If your lawn is extremely damaged, our team may recommend cutting out everything and installing new sod or seed throughout the entire yard. In less severe circumstances, we may de-thatch your lawn to remove any debris buildup atop the soil surface, aerated, top dress and finalize by overseeding. Each rejuvenation project is conducted on a case-by-case basis. All estimates are FREE, and we offer complimentary on-site appointments with any of our professional landscape consultants.

Efficient Drainage Solutions

Proper grading to an uneven lawn, will strengthen your landscape drainage and tighten your control over general water runoff. Unlike lawn rejuvenations, grading isn’t restricted to a particular time of year and can be conducted whenever the need arises. Our team will re-grade your lawn, ensuring soils are built up and pitched away from any foundation walls, and potentially burying and re-directing any downspouts to move water away from the house. An efficient grading project will protect your home from water damage, prevent flooding, pooling surface water, and potentially eliminate the need for extensive basement waterproofing. Some of our most common drainage solutions incorporate french drains, swales, berms, river rock beds or underground landscape PVC pipes.

After each lawn rejuvenation and grading service, we will spread new grass seed and fertilize the yard as need be to re-establish new grass. As a final touch, we will either spread a thin layer of straw, or roll out straw mat or curlex blankets across the lawn to keep everything in place and defend against erosion. When you need attentive landscape drainage and grading solutions, Edward’s Lawn & Home is here to help! We’re an asset for homeowners throughout Central Maryland, with a reputation for excellent customer service. For more information, please contact our office today at 443-341-6539 to schedule your FREE estimate with one our of professional landscape consultants!

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