Residential Landscape Maintenance

When it comes to your residential landscape, you’ll need to keep up with routine maintenance to make sure that your yard looks great all year round. At Edward’s Lawn & Home, we offer Spring and Fall cleanups as well as all of the routine maintenance services that you need to keep your landscape looking its best. We provide residential landscape maintenance services to clients throughout Maryland, including:

  • Anne Arundel County
  • Baltimore County
  • Catonsville
  • Fulton
  • West Friendship
  • Marriottsville
  • Baltimore City
  • Carroll County
  • Howard County
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George’s County
  • Ellicott City
  • Clarksville
  • Glenwood
  • Columbia
  • Woodbine

Since 2007, we’ve built a reputation as a comprehensive landscaping contractor that’s committed to providing the highest quality work. Whether we’re cutting your grass or pruning your shrubs, we’ll be sure that the job is done efficiently and professionally with a high attention to detail. We’ll treat your yard as if it were our own!

We’re capable of handling any and all of your residential landscape maintenance needs, including:

  • Grading. If your uneven yard is causing difficulties, we can fix the root of the problem by addressing your grading issues once and for all.
  • Seasonal cleanups. Whether your shrubs need pruning in the fall or you need new mulch in the spring, we’ll ensure that your yard is ready for the change in seasons.
  • Seeding. Has your grass seen better days? We can provide new grass seeding so that your lawn will look lush and green.
  • Drainage. If there are areas in your yard that become muddy and soggy every time it rains, we can create the perfect solution for your yard. Whether you require a French drain, trenching, or dry creek bed installation, our landscaping experts will determine the best solution for the unique needs of your yard.
  • Leaf Removal. Nobody likes raking leaves. Let our professionals do it for you! Save your back and ensure that your leaves are removed thoroughly and professionally. We’ll leave your yard looking as good as new.
  • Garden Bed Maintenance. Have your property routinely policed and monitored during regular lawn mowing visits. Weeds will be pulled and sticks will be picked up to ensure your property is in tip top shape year round.
  • Tree Removal. We have the ability and equipment to safely take down and remove both large and small trees. We also provide tree pruning services including the removal of dead, dying and weak branches. Stump grinding services are also provided.
  • Irrigation. Everyone wants their lawn to be healthier, greener, and thicker – and at Edward’s Lawn & Home, we can help make this possible. We can supply you with all of the irrigation-related services you need; from adding new sprinkler heads to repairing low pressure problems.
If you’d like to learn more about our residential maintenance services, contact the experts at Edward’s Lawn & Home today! Give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can keep your yard looking its best.